Friday, June 11, 2004

6-11-04 Karma?

Who's Karma?
Am I really this bitter?
Is the bitterness being repaid?
So many things falling apart.
Losing jobs. Character assassination. Need for an attorney. Suicidal friends.
Will the dr call soon and tell me the sonagram was bad?
I'm sitting around waiting for the shoe to drop.
I don't want to be miserable.
Did I not realize when I had it good? (No! I did realize it. It was prior to all this!)

Karma. Who's?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

6/2/04 Keeping Score.....

Mstar is brutal. It might be perception but they've become unforgiving and insulting. In fact, they've tripled our workload simply by complaining about every alteration...not that they could be even the slightest responsible for the need to alter....
But what's the point of them keeping score now? We're out.
My income is once again in a state of limbo. I AM A HUMAN BEING YOU WORTHLESS, HEARTLESS SCHMUCKS. HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?!!
19 days and counting DOWN. Counting every second.
Bitter? Me? P-shaw.

I broke down AGAIN yesterday. It was a result of that damned customer calling every 5 minutes to tell me we're a bunch of failures...and then every other 5 minutes to ask for some rediculous favor.

How's this....17 brand new loads for tomorrow...entered today.
How's this...."Please pull a truck out of your ass and return these two loads to their origins." (Not that we made a mistake or anything but it would be awful nice of you to save OUR ass with yours. And by the way...don't fuck it up.)


I'm keeping score. Instant Karma's gonna get YOU.
Leave me out of it.