Sunday, September 14, 2008

IKE 9-13-08

Hang on to your shorts. This one's gonna get messy!
.....and it did. Luckily, our family faired quite well. (thank you God or angels or Dad or whomever was looking out for us.) Mom's house stayed sound, with the exception of the wiring being pulled from the back when a tree fell on the power lines. That'll not be a cheap fix because I'm pretty sure Dad rigged up most of that old wiring himself. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe the fix will be up to code.
My Grandad's house is sound as well.
My sister's house took no damage save for the wooden fence in the backyard. It needed replacing anyway.
As far as I know, my brother's house stood just fine.
Mom has no phones. Even the cell has no signal. Being industrious as she is, she got OnStar to hand over a few extra minutes so she could call us and check in. OnStar ROCKS!
Some good came of it. All of Mom's neighbors, knowing that Dad isn't around, came to help my Mom out. They brought wood. They boarded up her windows. They secured her house. WOW! That was pretty awesome.
Even the mailman offered to come by to walk around the house with her and make sure she was safe.
Amazing people. Amazing community.
She'll cook them all chocolate pies to make up for it. :) Mmmmm...can't beat Mom's chocolate pie!
For the thousands who lost their homes and lives down in Galveston and Clear Lake and Downtown, we ache for you. We know the loss. We've done it before.
We'll pray your worlds come back together as painlessly as possible. We'll pray you are blessed with the kindness of neighbors and strangers until the world makes sense again.
We got lucky again. Thanks Dad, for watching over us. Mom was plenty scared without you but we did ok.
That's enough wind and rain for one year. Let's get on with fall and leaves and holidays.
Love and blessings to each of you and to all of those you love.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Septembers. Our birthdays are in September. Why wouldn't it be my favorite month? It has always been the hope for new beginnings. It promises Fall, to end the summer heat. It offers new life as I put another year's mistakes behind me and "swear this year will be different". When I was young, it was the beginning of a new school year. A chance to reconnect with lost friends.....just as I'm doing now.

September promises.

It always has.
We've spent 6 months searching, toiling, learning, sufferring, hoping, losing, trying again.

We met the worlds worst realtor (I'll never forget you Ashley. You were a life-lesson if ever there was one!) and we've met a wonderful replacement. (Thank you Deanna...for taking our hands, bringing us hope and for being a friend.)
As today begins, we wait for word. This is #3. Three has ALWAYS been my lucky number. I sincerely hope it is now.

A silent prayer plays over in my mind. "Let them accept our offer. Let this not be a mistake. Let this be a new beginning...again."
Let me finally find a home. A HOME.