Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We closed on September 30th. My first HOUSE. My new home.

It wasn't easy. I learned a helluva lot. I took a lot of chances. I had moments of triumph and equal moments of fear.

Tomorrow we start moving in. NOW it is real. Now it is permanent. I am excited and hopeful. I have cold feet too.

Forever. That's not like me at all. I'm not great with forevers..... I'm not real trusting.

This one will last.

I dream of the garden I will plant. I dream of holiday decorations. I hope for the laughter of my family to fill the halls.

I hope this forever is grand.

I have to note, for rememberance sake, that we met and spent good time with the previous owners. They have lived there since the house was built. They are sweet, kind people who took amazing care of this house. I sincerely hope to maintain that legacy.

The Hammills told us of the life the house has lived. 34 years and counting. They said they sat on the back porch and looked out over fields and cows. There are no fields now. No cows for miles. House upon house and traffic around the houses...but I know the house had happiness. It was exciting for them when they purchased it - nearly the same ages as we are now. It is exciting for us too.

Hello House. Be good to us. Be home to us.

Aggie - 10/21/2008