Friday, March 23, 2007

3-23-07 Just blue...

Sorry for my absence. I have been blue.
The kitty is still alive, and doing better. It was a long road, without much sleep, to get to this point. The lack of sleep sent me into a depression and the husband into crankiness. That's not a fun combo - and we're not out of it yet.

My new boss has been out for two weeks and will be out again next week. She is 53yrs old and has been stricken with appendicitis. She was misdiagnosed by one of those drive-in doctors. (PrimaCare, CareNow, etc) He told her she had a stomach flu and sent her home with anti-nausea meds. A week later her appendix ruptured and she's been hospitalized. It has been difficult for her.
As much as I sympathize, and I do sympathize, I am left in a new job doing her job. I am overwhelmed. I am exhausted. This has only served to deepen the depression.

Finally, my best friend is suicidal. Her daughter died in August of last year. She has attempted suicide twice. She has been hospitalized both times. She is then released and told to see a therapist. She has tried therapists. They do no good.
The last one told her to "make a list of all the losses you've suffered in your life". This only served to depress her more.
I cannot save her. I don't know how.
Call 911, send them to her apartment, have her hospitalized, wash, rinse, repeat.
I've lost hope. She will die. I know this. I am powerless to stop it.
I will understand when she does it.

For all those people out there who are diligently analyzing Anna Nicole's tragic death, I ask that you stop. It doesn't matter if she was a drug addict. It doesn't matter her mental stability.
She lost her son.
She killed herself.
I understand.
Leave her be.

I'm so very sorry to come here and tell of only sorrow. We have our downtimes in life. I'm having one. For me, it will pass......and surely will come again.
This is one thing I've learned about getting older. There are a lot more tragedies to live through.

I wish you all well. I hope you are healthy and happy and have someone to hug and love.
Blessings on you all.
I will be back soon - in a much better mood, I hope.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Alien Abduction?

It was a Monday night. The light shone into the bedroom window. Curiosity got the better of me. I had to look.
All I could see was the light. It was bright and warm and......
....and then I was on the spacecraft.
The room was dark. Multicolored lights flashed all around. Sound reverberated from the walls. What was that sound? It was oddly familiar. It was...wait...yes..."Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting."
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Yes, that's right. I was abducted by Disco Aliens.

I'm back now.

Ok, ok. I wasn't abducted. But it was a good story, right?

I honestly haven't even turned the computer on for two weeks now. (Imagine my e-mail inbox! Gads!)
I suppose an update is in order.

Kitty is doing ok. He's been most of our preoccupation for these past two weeks. See, he lives in the upstairs bedroom alone. He doesn't come down. This is because his eyesight is nearly nil and it's entirely his choice to stay in the confines of a space he is familar with. We promise not to move the furniture.
We've been trying desperately to regulate his diabetes with new insulin. We're using PZI which is made for animals. It is less than good. I could go into great detail about how the curve is supposed to be 24hrs, even though he gets insulin every 12hrs, and how it actually seems to be curving about every FOUR DAYS. I could tell about how is BG stays in the higher 300s and lower 400s regardless of our raising his dosage a bit every week.
None of it would make sense to anyone who doesn't do this to survive, so I'll spare most of the details. I will say that he seems better yesterday and today. At least his appetite is back. (which is good because he's skin and bones at 7.5lbs)
Today I'll try to get a new BG reading but we've worn out his little paws and blood samples are a challenge now. He's old. 19yrs. Circulation isn't his best feature.
Also, last night, for the first time since Mickey died, he wants to come downstairs - even go outside. We have to lock up Mishu and Sophie to let him wander. They are young and spry and would kick poor grampa-kitty's bum. We'll try this at least once a day. I hate do deprive him. He doesn't have that many years left in him.

Work is better. I'm learning. I'm also setting myself in a grand position. It's detailed but I've realized that I will be the only person in the whole company who has total knowledge of both the original company and the new one. Processing between companies is my territory. I'm laying the groundwork. (say "JOB SECURITY")
Aside from that, they still can't keep me busy enough to fill the days. I think that's changing though, since the webstore opened. I'd post a link but that will make me searchable, which goes against my anonymity. Anyway, the webstore is for customers to buy logo-imprinted stuff in max bulk. The webstore opened last week and I suspect it will double the business (and my job) rather quickly. Yay! Busy is so much better than bored.

Finally, my brother came to visit. Yay!! I hardly ever see him anymore. He's two years older and we grew up together. We have the same sense of humor and the same taste in music and a whole lot of the same memories. It's odd though. We talk so seldom but when we do it's so much fun. I miss him terribly but never seem to realize it until I hear his voice or see his face.
Life is funny that way, isn't it?

Well, that's my update. Grampa kitty is calling and I'm off to check on him. When I've got him settled a bit, I'll zip around the web a while. I got up early today just so I could go catch up.

Love and Hugs always!!!