Sunday, July 25, 2004

7-25-2004 The world has moved on... 

First things first:
1) It is amazing the difference in mental state when one has a great deal of free time.
2) It is a sad shame that I should not be enjoying this free time.
3) It is a sad shame that this free time MUST end.
4) C'mon lottery.

  • He was let go from his job on May 20th. (a prescheudled vacation day, no less)
  • He got that hideous phone call from previous employer's HR dept on May 27th.  That same day the headache came on. (That same moment actually.)
  • His eye swelled shut on June 1st.  We went to the ER that night after I got home from work.
  • The ER had no idea what was wrong with him but did a catscan and gave him Demerol for the pain.  It didn't help at all and it cost us about $4K total.
  • Two days later we went to my doctor. (Mind you, no insurance here.)   My doctor determined immediately that he had Shingles.   For the record...Shingles SUCKS.
  • The swelling went on for three weeks.  The pain continues still.   Sleep is very hard for him....because Shingles SUCKS.
  • I was laid off from my job on July 2nd.  Saw it coming.  Wasn't angry or resentful.  Fully understood the necessity.  Got a meagre (well rationalized) severance.
  • I hit the streets running on July 5th.  Temp agency, old contacts, phone calls, etc.   
  • He went to Portland for his family reunion (already paid for trip) on July 10th. 
  • I went to Houston to visit my family on July 16th.
  • We both started looking for work again on July 19th.
  • To date - we are still, both, unemployed.


Back to state of mind:

One can find a great deal of peace when one doesn't have to work every single day/night.  There is very little stress as of now.  We ponder things like "what will we eat next" and "what can we watch on TV".  The house is clean and the cleanliness is easily maintaned.  I am much easier to get along his he....

Unfortunately, it cannot last.  Soon (too soon) the money will run out.   We must be employed.  We stand to lose the house, both cars, our lifestyle........and it isn't a BIG lifestyle by any stretch of the imagination.  The house is a rented townhouse.  The cars are cheap.  Yet - we enjoy what we have.

I'm certain that the mood of things will change soon.

Stay tuned.