Monday, April 30, 2007

What's gnu?

Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't.
-Pete Seeger

What in the world is new with you? Have you any stories to tell? Anything will do. I'm not picky. It helps to know that life goes on outside of my silly, little bubble and the TV news.

What's new with me? My AOL software began registering the count of my un-read e-mails, but not showing me what I hadn't read. That is to say I had collected two hundred and twelve e-mails but when I opened my box, I saw one or two. All of the e-mails that get generated when one of you wonderful people stop by here...they were mysteriously not here.
I found them. I found them when I decided to open AOL Mail in IE. Imagine that. There they were. 15 messages from here and an ENORMOUS amount of junk-mail. Pics of the kids. Messages from grand-dad. Lots of stuff all holed up somewhere in cyberspace. That's my story.

Secondly, (please note the previous post) my boss's appendix did NOT heal. She went back to the doc on 4/19 and had her appendix removed on 4/20. It is not an easy surgery, regardless of her being sent home mere hours post-op. (It's "outpatient" surgery thank you Insurance Companies of America.) She phoned me the next day just bawling because she couldn't understand why she couldn't WALK! She lives alone, save the 5 dogs she cares for. Insane - our medical society. Someone might have told her she wouldn't be able to walk for a couple of days.
Way back in 1992, when I had a similar surgery, I was hospitalized for an entire week after. Crazy, I tell you.
She's healing now and I expect her back at work next Monday-ish.
(My whining, self-pitying inner-self points out that my boss has worked 3 of the last 9 weeks. I did not know I was getting into this. I've had NO assistance at all. Last week I started asking the higher-ups when they were planning to hire me an admin!!)

Anyhoooo - that's my story.

Oh, and the hubby has a horrible sinus infection that I think he's being kind enough to share with me. What a sweetie, huh? I love him. Hope he feels better soon. Don't be surprised if I call in sick once that boss of mine gets back to work.

Also, the in-laws got themselves a webcam. It's nice to see North Carolina on occasion. It's odd how intrusive webcams can be.
We got one too (had to reciprocate). I aim it at the outdoors and the kitties. Muuahaha.
That's my story.

Thanks for all of your well-wishes. Thanks for popping by to check in on me. Thanks for 10pms, happy days and happy weekends and for not forgetting me. I love you all dearly. I'd hug every one of your necks if I could. Aw heck, I already am. :)

Wishing you all the best always, of course.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Just a few notes to keep the status quo.

Yes, Spring has sprung. (Thanks Terry. You helped me notice.) Does it count that it snowed IN DALLAS on the day before Easter. Not in 20 years has that happened. There wasn't enough snow to photgraph, but I do have proof of spring. My irises gave me 24 blooms this year. More than ever before. (by about 20)

Boo Kitty is still with us. We fight daily to regulate his blood sugar vs. insulin. Currently he's on 3 units, twice daily. He tops about 450 and drops to about 180. We're close (between 300 & 100 is ideal).

He has trouble eating because his poor old teeth are too sensitive but we can't pull them because he can't be anesthetized. We give him a pain shot (anequin) and subcutaneous fluids every 4th day. We refer to him as "grandpa kitty". We love him desperately but it isn't time to put him down. We'll know it when it is. HE doesn't really know there's anything wrong with him. He just goes through the days being a cat and doing cat things. :)

Mishu, our kitten, is almost a year now. She owns the house and has grown to be a true Kitty Princess. She is very clear about how we are here to tend to her every need. Last week she got to spend the day at the vet. She wasn't bothered at all. She just charmed everyone and they all loved on her. What a magical way she has about her.

Her mother, on the other hand, well.....we love her, but she's just not right.


The rest of the news is:

My best friend is still with us. Shame on me, but I told her "I lost three last year. Please don't be number four. Please don't let me cringe when your father calls me because I think he's going to tell me you're gone." It's very sad, but it seems to have worked. She has changed her meds and is trying to be less caught in that depression and more involved in life. I DO NOT know how a person survives the loss of their only child. I just don't. I wonder if I'm being selfish by asking her to keep living.

Next month would be Jess's birthday. Her mother and grandparents are going to Washington D.C. to spread her ashes near the Supreme Court building. That was Jessica's dream - to be a Supreme Court Justice. She would have made it too. I hope they don't get arrested for dropping a powdery substance near the building. You know how paranoid we all are now.

If you know anyone who does methamphetamines, just call the cops on them RIGHT NOW. You will lose them to the drug and it's a crappy loss.

My boss has returned to work. Appendicitis seems to have been cured.

I have pretty much grown to hate the job. The people that I work with are weird, narrow-minded, fascists. (in a Jim Jones sort of way.) That's my opinion. I do not fit in and I'm very unhappy. I'm looking for work elsewhere BUT this one pays well and it is so close to the house that it has allowed me to check on Boo at lunch every day. I guess it has it's benefits. Time will move on and things will change. I'll lump it until then.


That's all the news there is to report. That is the current state of things.

So much love to each of you for dropping by and wishing well. Tree, I still look at that moon. Autumn, every wish of a happy day and weekend is taken to heart. Becky, you hang in there. That beautiful kid is the whole world of reasons for living. What a joy to experience life through her eyes. Rupen, I keep meaning to drop by your half of the world. Soon, hon. Don't quit writing or reading. Christa, I miss you every day. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by lately. You know I'm always wishing you and Robin the best. Terry, I know your blog is filled with beautiful photos. You are so great at seeing the beauty in the world. You're always good for my spirit!

I love you guys. I'm sorry I haven't been a very good friend lately. Thank heavens all of you sure have.

Much love and many bear hugs.