Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1-31-06 quiz

Here's a little fun for today. Southern or Yankee?

That should be quite interesting for Christa.
I scored an 82% Southern. :) (which is actually bad considering I've never lived outside of Texas.)
For the record, I'm one of the few who know what a Feeder Street is.
And it's "crawdad" and "doodlebug" too. hee hee

Truth is that I don't drawl all that much. My mother taught me to "e-nun-ci-ate!!!"

Aside from that, I've lost my fractal-mojo again. I liked this one because I think it looks like a womb...and that makes me think of safe and warm and that's a good thought.

Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday.
Love and hugs.


Autumn Storm said...

My score: 58% (Dixie). Right on the Mason-Dixon Line :-D

Beautiful fractal!
Happy Tuesday, x

christa said...

LOL....yeah...that was em...interesting :p
I'm 73% Dixie :p
Now...where the heck was I born again? ;)
My problem is that I have a mix of the American english together with some Canadian, British and Austrailian english. I'm one hellova mut ...hehe

Great fractal, Agnes :D
Have a good day, ya'll...LOL

tsduff said...

I'm 49% (Yankee). Barely in the Yankee category. Which is interesting because I was born and raised in here in California. My mother was raised in Arkansas and Texas though - LOL guess that shows her influence. Doodlebugs and crawdads are the right words for such, although I get looks from folks when I say them.

Beautiful womb portrait - you just dive into those arms of folks who care right now. This is the time for you to seek comfort and healing.

mergrl said...

absolutely gorgeous frac!

heres my score ROFL
65% (Dixie). Just under the Mason-Dixon Line

lived my whole life in the midwest,guess St. Louis is more southern than I thought :0) my kids at school make fun of me because I say y'all all the time LOL

Becky L said...

yup, i'm a yankee.

though, it was kinda odd for me, b/c i spent some time in college in South Carolina, so i picked some things up there.

example: i often will say "y'all." the pennsylvania thing to say is 'yous' or 'youins' but i think that just sounds uneducated. (like y'all is any better???)

illusions said...

I am 46% yankee, which is interesting since I was born in Africa and currently live in India, and have only been to the US for a two week period. With the level of Americanisation happening globally - McDonalds to blame :), I suspect every human has a certain degree of Yank in him/her.But, its shocking when the percentage is as high as mine!